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"A beer that will transport you to distant territories. Krombacher beer was born in  Krombach and is our proposal for draft beer. The passion of this historic brewery will be the ideal companion for your dinners, whether they are based on pizza or meat."

birra alla spina krombacher.jpg

The wine

"The wine, in Tuscany, is much more than a drink, but it is art. You can combine your dishes with the wine that best enhances the flavors of the dish for an experience

complete and unforgettable"

Vino rosso.jpg

"Certain to offer you the best, we have selected for you the best craft beer on the market, thanks to the passion of the founder Iacopo Apo Lenci who in 2006, on the outskirts of Lucca on the banks of the river Serchio, inaugurated the Brùton brewery.

Constantly looking for quality and unique flavors that you can combine with our excellent pizzas."


Cocktails &

"Our barmen are constantly looking for the perfect balance in the creation of our cocktails. With a choice of excellent spirits, we can only invite you to taste our creations, why not combining them with a pizza."

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